All these projects are hosted on SourceForge.

Cloud storage class, open source software. Wan vault for long term archiving. Interlinux has been developing and engineering this system for six years.

DIASER is a Wan vault for long term archiving, it securely...

1) Accumulates
2) Geo-Duplicates
3) Manages

The project is now in the beta-3 phase of the development cycle.

DIASER SCM key document direct links:

PDF Manual



ga-synthesis - Simple portable interface to compare project analytics, designed to assist project managers. By measuring market penetration, the effect of different kinds of development on project sustainability, can assist with decision making. JISC demonstrator.

DSI - Space Invaders clone written in C, a pristine code base released on SourceForge and part of the DIASER support product suite and code packaging regression testing.

Advanced backup volume management system. Quick & low-cost way to make an environment more robust by backing up data in multiple places. Originally written in Bash. Perl installer creates the system. The emergence of a DVTL (Distributed Virtual Tape Library). DIAP works in user space.

IEFMIRASHOW Displays a selection of dust type mira fractals one after the other in colour rather like a slide show. This simple fractal demonstration uses the SDL graphics library and the dust type fractal algorithm, mira.